What is a Chit Fund?

Chit funds have been a popular savings scheme in several parts of India for generations together now. It has paved it’s way as a convenient finance option amongst businessmen, small scale industrialists, and other small time investors. Though very often shrouded by news of fraudulence, they have still managed to retain their popularity. So what... Continue Reading →


Choosing the Right Insurance Rider

Riders along with insurance policies are additional benefits that could be opted for over and above the base policy. Available at an extra premium, they enhance and customize your insurance policy to meet your specific needs. Insurance companies offer a host of insurance riders to choose from. From critical illness to disability, these riders are... Continue Reading →

Motor Insurance Made Easy

Driving a vehicle comes with a responsibility, of safety, both for you and for fellow passersby. With the high toll of accidents and traffic injuries on the Indian roads, it is most justified why the government has made motor insurance mandatory for all vehicle owners. It covers you against losses arising out of accidents, damage... Continue Reading →

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