Tax Deductions under Section 80E

Education loans are a convenient and popular option for many, to meet the cost of higher education.  Did you also know that under Section 80E of the Income Tax Act, repayment of this education loan could be used to claim a deduction? Read on to find out, what this section offers and how to utilize... Continue Reading →


7 Tax Saving Strategies for Salaried Individuals

At the end of every financial year, many tax payers frantically make investments to minimize taxes, without adequate knowledge of the various available options. The Income Tax Act offers many more incentives and allowances, apart from the popular 80C, which could reduce tax liability substantially for the salaried individuals. Here are seven smart tips to... Continue Reading →

Including Debt in Your Portfolio

The Global markets and consequentially Indian markets have seen great volatility in the recent past, resulting in a fall in many investors’ portfolio value. Investors with a major portion of their investments in equity, face concerns of short term liquidity at such times. So how do you beat such volatility and protect portfolio value?  ... Continue Reading →

Investing in Fund of Funds

Mutual fund investments have gained a lot of popularity in the last two decades, primarily for its ability to reduce risks, provide greater diversification and beat market volatility to a certain extent. But with a plethora of schemes available in the market, how does one choose the right one or diversify among the different schemes?... Continue Reading →

Investing in Fixed Maturity Plans

Since the last year, Fixed Maturity Plans, or FMPs in short, have been gaining considerable popularity among conservative investors. The prime reason for this lies in investors seeking a safer alternative to equity funds, with better returns and tax efficiency. So how good are Fixed Maturity Plans? Does it really pay to invest in them,... Continue Reading →

Understanding Cost to Company

One of the most commonly used terms by companies, yet least understood by its employees is “Cost to Company” or CTC. The CTC, as quoted by employers and the take home pay are two different amounts. Also salary hikes in the form of an increased CTC doesn’t necessarily increase the monthly salary payout. So what... Continue Reading →

7 Alternatives to a Personal Loan

For cash emergencies, personal loans are an easy and fast option. However, it could prove to be quite expensive on the pocket, with interest rates ranging between 15% to 25%. Further, banks follow stringent evaluation of the borrower’s financial profile. So are personal loans the only option for urgent cash requirements? Here is a quick... Continue Reading →

What is a Senior Citizen Health Plan?

Getting a suitable health cover has always been an issue for the elderly. From high premiums to extensive medical tests, the entire process of getting a health plan is strewn with multiple difficulties. Now, with the new IRDA guideline of extending the maximum age of health insurance, individuals above the age of 65 years have... Continue Reading →

What is an Indemnity Plan?

The need for health insurance in today’s times is undisputable. Medical emergencies could strike anybody. And with inflation spiraling upwards, a single ailment may cause significant financial losses. As important as it is to have a health plan in place, it is equally important to have the right kind of plan. Today, the options are... Continue Reading →

Saving for Your Child’s Education

With every passing year education costs have been increasing multi-fold. The prime cause - education inflation! With education inflation increasing at a faster rate than regular inflation, of food and fuel (at 11 % as on Feb 2013, CPI figures), what may seem enough to fund higher education today may actually not be adequate for... Continue Reading →

How to Save Money for Investing

Money has diverse roles to plays in all our lives. From meeting our daily requirements to helping us fulfill our life’s goals in the future, the value of money cannot be undermined. In today’s unstable economic conditions, it is important to be prudent and invest for a steady future ahead. And saving your hard earned... Continue Reading →

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