New Fund Offer versus Existing Mutual Funds

It’s the time of the year when it is raining NFOs and mutual fund companies are all set to aggressively market them. Very often, for an average investor the decision of investing in a NFO versus choosing from among the existing mutual funds could be quite a predicament. Which one actually serves as a better... Continue Reading →


Including Debt in Your Portfolio

The Global markets and consequentially Indian markets have seen great volatility in the recent past, resulting in a fall in many investors’ portfolio value. Investors with a major portion of their investments in equity, face concerns of short term liquidity at such times. So how do you beat such volatility and protect portfolio value?  ... Continue Reading →

Investing in Fund of Funds

Mutual fund investments have gained a lot of popularity in the last two decades, primarily for its ability to reduce risks, provide greater diversification and beat market volatility to a certain extent. But with a plethora of schemes available in the market, how does one choose the right one or diversify among the different schemes?... Continue Reading →

Investing in Fixed Maturity Plans

Since the last year, Fixed Maturity Plans, or FMPs in short, have been gaining considerable popularity among conservative investors. The prime reason for this lies in investors seeking a safer alternative to equity funds, with better returns and tax efficiency. So how good are Fixed Maturity Plans? Does it really pay to invest in them,... Continue Reading →

Understanding Cost to Company

One of the most commonly used terms by companies, yet least understood by its employees is “Cost to Company” or CTC. The CTC, as quoted by employers and the take home pay are two different amounts. Also salary hikes in the form of an increased CTC doesn’t necessarily increase the monthly salary payout. So what... Continue Reading →

What is a Senior Citizen Health Plan?

Getting a suitable health cover has always been an issue for the elderly. From high premiums to extensive medical tests, the entire process of getting a health plan is strewn with multiple difficulties. Now, with the new IRDA guideline of extending the maximum age of health insurance, individuals above the age of 65 years have... Continue Reading →

Saving for Your Child’s Education

With every passing year education costs have been increasing multi-fold. The prime cause - education inflation! With education inflation increasing at a faster rate than regular inflation, of food and fuel (at 11 % as on Feb 2013, CPI figures), what may seem enough to fund higher education today may actually not be adequate for... Continue Reading →

How to Save Money for Investing

Money has diverse roles to plays in all our lives. From meeting our daily requirements to helping us fulfill our life’s goals in the future, the value of money cannot be undermined. In today’s unstable economic conditions, it is important to be prudent and invest for a steady future ahead. And saving your hard earned... Continue Reading →

What is Your Human Life Value?

To insure a car, home, or any other material asset, the general procedure involves valuing them in terms of rupees as per its market value. But what about life? Determining how much you are worth and insuring it is a surely no easy task The Human Life Value (HLV) approach comes to your rescue here.... Continue Reading →


Almost every one of us possesses a portfolio of investments, a result of either rational planning or haphazard decisions. Planning and management of finances is vital to our economic well being. What is Money Management? Money Management is the process of managing your money, investments, assets and taxes. It is an important aspect in daily... Continue Reading →

The Power of Compounding

The concept of compounding is not new to most of us. In simple mathematical terms it is any interest earned/accrued from a deposit or loan, which subsequently is reinvested or added back to the principal. So the interest added also earns interest. It is for this reason compounding is often referred to as interest on... Continue Reading →

Pre-EMI for Under Construction Properties

When buying an under construction home, developers often seek payment on the basis of the stages of construction completed. Catering to such requirements, Home Finance Companies (HFC), facilitate partial disbursements of the sanctioned loan periodically, in tune with the developers demands. For these partial loan disbursements, a borrower would be required to pay what is... Continue Reading →

What is a FCNR Deposit?

The Foreign Currency Non Resident Deposit (or the FCNR-B), is an exclusive deposit for Non Resident Indians, that is maintained in select currencies of choice. For those NRIs sending money across to India, the possibility of foreign exchange risk exists, by way of conversions done at the time of investment and again at the time... Continue Reading →

6 Investment Tips in Times of Market Volatility

Volatility has become a part and parcel of the Indian economy now. From erratic index movements to fluctuating interest rates, the economy has seen it all. In the face of the recent market downfall, here are some key tips to help you make sensible investment decisions. Market movements cannot be predicted, but these practical tips... Continue Reading →

5 Steps to a Goal Based Investment Plan

Life is filled with desires and ambitions. A holiday abroad, a swanky new car, or a plush home, whatever it may be, we earn money to fulfill such goals. However, very often, when it comes to saving for our goals, most of us randomly make investments, without a proper plan. We buy financial products, without... Continue Reading →

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