Reverse Mortgage- A Beneficial Option for Senior Citizens

The life expectancy in India has been rising steadily in the last few decades. However, so have the costs of medical treatment. For senior citizens, who have a lack of regular income or financial support from children, this could lead to a financial crisis. Further, gone are the days when the elderly lived with their... Continue Reading →


What is a Senior Citizen Health Plan?

Getting a suitable health cover has always been an issue for the elderly. From high premiums to extensive medical tests, the entire process of getting a health plan is strewn with multiple difficulties. Now, with the new IRDA guideline of extending the maximum age of health insurance, individuals above the age of 65 years have... Continue Reading →

What is an Indemnity Plan?

The need for health insurance in today’s times is undisputable. Medical emergencies could strike anybody. And with inflation spiraling upwards, a single ailment may cause significant financial losses. As important as it is to have a health plan in place, it is equally important to have the right kind of plan. Today, the options are... Continue Reading →

Saving for Your Child’s Education

With every passing year education costs have been increasing multi-fold. The prime cause - education inflation! With education inflation increasing at a faster rate than regular inflation, of food and fuel (at 11 % as on Feb 2013, CPI figures), what may seem enough to fund higher education today may actually not be adequate for... Continue Reading →

What is Your Human Life Value?

To insure a car, home, or any other material asset, the general procedure involves valuing them in terms of rupees as per its market value. But what about life? Determining how much you are worth and insuring it is a surely no easy task The Human Life Value (HLV) approach comes to your rescue here.... Continue Reading →

What is a Hospital Cash Plan?

Hospital cash plans are supplements which you could opt for over and above your health insurance plans. They are designed to provide you with liquid cash in times of hospitalisation to avoid a situation of being cash strapped. The plan provides you with liquid cash on hospitalisation that could be used to meet non medical... Continue Reading →

What is a Critical Illness Plan?

When ailments become life threatening, they command specialized medical care. Treatment becomes intensive as well as expensive, sometime beyond the scope of a regular health insurance policy. A regular health plan may be limited, not being able to cover the full cost of treatment. Thus any critical illness could become a strain, both mentally as... Continue Reading →

Choosing the Right Insurance Rider

Riders along with insurance policies are additional benefits that could be opted for over and above the base policy. Available at an extra premium, they enhance and customize your insurance policy to meet your specific needs. Insurance companies offer a host of insurance riders to choose from. From critical illness to disability, these riders are... Continue Reading →

Ten Things You Must Ask Your Life Insurance Agent

Insurance agents are often the first point of contact when you are buying life insurance. From briefing on policy features to helping you complete medical formalities and filling up forms, they are supposed to provide assistance in every possible way. But very often, you meet pushy insurance agents, who force you to buy policies, irrespective... Continue Reading →

What is Personal Accident Cover?

An accident could occur anytime anywhere unexpectedly. At work, home, travel or the road, it almost renders us helpless with its grave consequences. The trauma of having met with an accident is almost always coupled with financial losses; of getting treatment, or coping with a loss of income, if any. Does insurance have a solution... Continue Reading →

Compulsory and Voluntary Excess In Motor Insurance

Insurance companies allow customers to share a portion of the risk associated with the policy. Known as the “deductible” or “excess”, this is a pre-determined amount of the claim that would be borne by the insured. So, when a claim arises, the insured would pay up this deductible amount from his pocket and the balance would be taken care of by the insurance company.

Guide to Choosing a Life Insurance Policy

In today’s world of uncertainties, a life insurance policy is an absolute necessity. It provides the much needed financial security in times of any unforeseen event such as death of the bread winner. It supports the family in the need of the hour. Today, life insurance policies have evolved into a variety of forms. From pure term plans, to investment linked protection plans, the options available are plenty.

When there is a Vehicle Theft- Getting a Motor Insurance Claim

A situation which probably most of us just wouldn’t want is a vehicle theft. It is not just the financial loss of having lost a vehicle, for most of us it is an emotional attachment too.  The good news though is that if you have insured your vehicle, most parts of the financial loss could be overcome.  The Indian law mandates all motor vehicle owners plying on Indian roads to have at least a third party insurance cover for damages or loss incurred to a third party on the road.

What is a Critical Illness Plan?

A critical illness plan is a health insurance policy designed to meet the expenses of life threatening critical ailments. It pays you a guaranteed amount if you are unexpectedly diagnosed with a critical ailment. With a critical insurance plan you get yourself insured against serious illness such as a stroke, cancer, heart attacks, kidney failures or bypass surgery. The list of critical ailments varies from insurer to insurer.

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