Travel Smart with Prepaid Travel Cards

Are you a frequent traveler abroad and are constantly concerned about the currency you are carrying with you?  Well you needn’t be anymore. Here are Prepaid Travel Cards which serve as a great alternative to carrying currency, whether you are on a business or a pleasure trip. A hassle free and secure card, they offer... Continue Reading →

The Tax Advantage of Insurance

Its tax saving season and almost everybody is thinking of reducing their tax burden by cramming in last minute investments. Cashing in on this scenario are financial companies making a splash with a plethora of tax saving products such as Infrastructure Bonds, ULIPs, and ELSS etc…  At this point in time, we thought it right... Continue Reading →

5 Steps to a Goal Based Investment Plan

Life is filled with desires and ambitions. A holiday abroad, a swanky new car, or a plush home, whatever it may be, we earn money to fulfill such goals. However, very often, when it comes to saving for our goals, most of us randomly make investments, without a proper plan. We buy financial products, without... Continue Reading →

What is Personal Accident Cover?

An accident could occur anytime anywhere unexpectedly. At work, home, travel or the road, it almost renders us helpless with its grave consequences. The trauma of having met with an accident is almost always coupled with financial losses; of getting treatment, or coping with a loss of income, if any. Does insurance have a solution... Continue Reading →

Securing your Debt with Mortgage Insurance

Having a loan, does expose you to the risk of not being able to fulfill the required obligations. An extra bit of expense secures your debt and gives you and your family the peace of mind that the asset would remain with you. If you have a high value and a long term debt, it is strongly advised to opt for a mortage protection plan. On the other hand, if you already possess sufficient term insurance or life cover, check to see if an additional plan would actually be required. Your family should be able to repay all debts as well as lead their lives ahead, in case anything were to happen to you.

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