Saving for Your Child’s Education

With every passing year education costs have been increasing multi-fold. The prime cause - education inflation! With education inflation increasing at a faster rate than regular inflation, of food and fuel (at 11 % as on Feb 2013, CPI figures), what may seem enough to fund higher education today may actually not be adequate for... Continue Reading →


How to Save Money for Investing

Money has diverse roles to plays in all our lives. From meeting our daily requirements to helping us fulfill our life’s goals in the future, the value of money cannot be undermined. In today’s unstable economic conditions, it is important to be prudent and invest for a steady future ahead. And saving your hard earned... Continue Reading →

What is Your Human Life Value?

To insure a car, home, or any other material asset, the general procedure involves valuing them in terms of rupees as per its market value. But what about life? Determining how much you are worth and insuring it is a surely no easy task The Human Life Value (HLV) approach comes to your rescue here.... Continue Reading →

What is a Hospital Cash Plan?

Hospital cash plans are supplements which you could opt for over and above your health insurance plans. They are designed to provide you with liquid cash in times of hospitalisation to avoid a situation of being cash strapped. The plan provides you with liquid cash on hospitalisation that could be used to meet non medical... Continue Reading →

What is a Critical Illness Plan?

When ailments become life threatening, they command specialized medical care. Treatment becomes intensive as well as expensive, sometime beyond the scope of a regular health insurance policy. A regular health plan may be limited, not being able to cover the full cost of treatment. Thus any critical illness could become a strain, both mentally as... Continue Reading →

Insurance Apps On Your Smart Phone

  From e-commerce to m-commerce, welcome to the world of Smart phone apps. The advent of smart phone has brought about many a change, practically getting you the world at your finger tips. And not to be left behind in this era, are insurance companies with insurance apps. Designed to cater to the needs of... Continue Reading →


Almost every one of us possesses a portfolio of investments, a result of either rational planning or haphazard decisions. Planning and management of finances is vital to our economic well being. What is Money Management? Money Management is the process of managing your money, investments, assets and taxes. It is an important aspect in daily... Continue Reading →

Unit Linked Plans- Is it For You

Unit Linked Insurance Plans, also known as ULIPs, have become a popular choice among many investors. Differing from the simple and straight forward, term and endowment plans ULIPs are preferred by many for their ability to combine protection and wealth creation.  The insurance market today is flooded with ULIPs of different kinds, carrying different degrees... Continue Reading →

The Power of Compounding

The concept of compounding is not new to most of us. In simple mathematical terms it is any interest earned/accrued from a deposit or loan, which subsequently is reinvested or added back to the principal. So the interest added also earns interest. It is for this reason compounding is often referred to as interest on... Continue Reading →

Choosing the Right Insurance Rider

Riders along with insurance policies are additional benefits that could be opted for over and above the base policy. Available at an extra premium, they enhance and customize your insurance policy to meet your specific needs. Insurance companies offer a host of insurance riders to choose from. From critical illness to disability, these riders are... Continue Reading →

Pre-EMI for Under Construction Properties

When buying an under construction home, developers often seek payment on the basis of the stages of construction completed. Catering to such requirements, Home Finance Companies (HFC), facilitate partial disbursements of the sanctioned loan periodically, in tune with the developers demands. For these partial loan disbursements, a borrower would be required to pay what is... Continue Reading →

EMIs on Credit Cards

It’s time again and almost all shops and malls have lined up discount sales. From home appliances to the latest gizmos, this season sure is the perfect time to spend that extra bit. But how do you handle your financial liquidity at such times? How do you settle credit card dues post all the shopping?... Continue Reading →

What is a FCNR Deposit?

The Foreign Currency Non Resident Deposit (or the FCNR-B), is an exclusive deposit for Non Resident Indians, that is maintained in select currencies of choice. For those NRIs sending money across to India, the possibility of foreign exchange risk exists, by way of conversions done at the time of investment and again at the time... Continue Reading →

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