How to Save Money for Investing

Money has diverse roles to plays in all our lives. From meeting our daily requirements to helping us fulfill our life’s goals in the future, the value of money cannot be undermined. In today’s unstable economic conditions, it is important to be prudent and invest for a steady future ahead. And saving your hard earned … Continue reading How to Save Money for Investing


Savings and Investment- Is there a Difference?

Savings and investing are two terms that are often used interchangeably. However in reality, the terms are distinctly apart. When it comes to your money, it pays to understand the difference between the two. Should you be saving or investing? What really needs to be done?

Investing the Mutual Fund Way

A mutual fund is a flexible and transparent investment vehicle with advantages like diversification and liquidity. With a small amount of money, investors can enter the equity market, through mutual funds. The funds invest in diversified securities, reducing the risk in an investor portfolio. Professionally managed mutual funds use expert research and investment analysis in their decisions thus helping investors, who lack the time and experience, to generate profit for their portfolio.