New Fund Offer versus Existing Mutual Funds

It’s the time of the year when it is raining NFOs and mutual fund companies are all set to aggressively market them. Very often, for an average investor the decision of investing in a NFO versus choosing from among the existing mutual funds could be quite a predicament. Which one actually serves as a better … Continue reading New Fund Offer versus Existing Mutual Funds


Saving for Your Child’s Education

With every passing year education costs have been increasing multi-fold. The prime cause - education inflation! With education inflation increasing at a faster rate than regular inflation, of food and fuel (at 11 % as on Feb 2013, CPI figures), what may seem enough to fund higher education today may actually not be adequate for … Continue reading Saving for Your Child’s Education

Insurance Apps On Your Smart Phone

  From e-commerce to m-commerce, welcome to the world of Smart phone apps. The advent of smart phone has brought about many a change, practically getting you the world at your finger tips. And not to be left behind in this era, are insurance companies with insurance apps. Designed to cater to the needs of … Continue reading Insurance Apps On Your Smart Phone


Almost every one of us possesses a portfolio of investments, a result of either rational planning or haphazard decisions. Planning and management of finances is vital to our economic well being. What is Money Management? Money Management is the process of managing your money, investments, assets and taxes. It is an important aspect in daily … Continue reading PLANNING YOUR FINANCES EFFECTIVELY

What is the Right Type of Life Insurance Policy for Me?

Life insurance plans are plenty. Pension, endowment, ULIP or term, the list is exhaustive and making a choice may often be perplexing. With the wide range of options available in the market today, how do you know what’s the right kind for you? Here’s a roundup of it, and how you should go about making … Continue reading What is the Right Type of Life Insurance Policy for Me?

The Power of Compounding

The concept of compounding is not new to most of us. In simple mathematical terms it is any interest earned/accrued from a deposit or loan, which subsequently is reinvested or added back to the principal. So the interest added also earns interest. It is for this reason compounding is often referred to as interest on … Continue reading The Power of Compounding