Motor Insurance Made Easy

Driving a vehicle comes with a responsibility, of safety, both for you and for fellow passersby. With the high toll of accidents and traffic injuries on the Indian roads, it is most justified why the government has made motor insurance mandatory for all vehicle owners. It covers you against losses arising out of accidents, damage … Continue reading Motor Insurance Made Easy


Motor Insurance No Claim Bonus- An Advantage to Policy Holders

No Claim Bonus or popularly known as NCB, is a benefit that is given by insurers to policy holders for claim free policy years. Giving you a high saving of almost up to 65% on your renewal premiums, an NCB is a sure advantage, if utilized well. NCB in Detail- What’s in Store? No claim … Continue reading Motor Insurance No Claim Bonus- An Advantage to Policy Holders

When there is a Vehicle Theft- Getting a Motor Insurance Claim

A situation which probably most of us just wouldn’t want is a vehicle theft. It is not just the financial loss of having lost a vehicle, for most of us it is an emotional attachment too.  The good news though is that if you have insured your vehicle, most parts of the financial loss could be overcome.  The Indian law mandates all motor vehicle owners plying on Indian roads to have at least a third party insurance cover for damages or loss incurred to a third party on the road.