Difference between Regular Health Plan and Top up Plan

When regular health plans are inadequate to meet medical expenses, a common solution is to opt for a top up plan. Inflationary pressures and increasing cost of medical treatments may often make the sum assured of a regular health plan insufficient. That is when a top up plan comes into play by enhancing the existing … Continue reading Difference between Regular Health Plan and Top up Plan


Ten Things You Must Ask Your Life Insurance Agent

Insurance agents are often the first point of contact when you are buying life insurance. From briefing on policy features to helping you complete medical formalities and filling up forms, they are supposed to provide assistance in every possible way. But very often, you meet pushy insurance agents, who force you to buy policies, irrespective … Continue reading Ten Things You Must Ask Your Life Insurance Agent

Securing your Debt with Mortgage Insurance

Having a loan, does expose you to the risk of not being able to fulfill the required obligations. An extra bit of expense secures your debt and gives you and your family the peace of mind that the asset would remain with you. If you have a high value and a long term debt, it is strongly advised to opt for a mortage protection plan. On the other hand, if you already possess sufficient term insurance or life cover, check to see if an additional plan would actually be required. Your family should be able to repay all debts as well as lead their lives ahead, in case anything were to happen to you.

Guide to Choosing a Life Insurance Policy

In today’s world of uncertainties, a life insurance policy is an absolute necessity. It provides the much needed financial security in times of any unforeseen event such as death of the bread winner. It supports the family in the need of the hour. Today, life insurance policies have evolved into a variety of forms. From pure term plans, to investment linked protection plans, the options available are plenty.

What is a Critical Illness Plan?

A critical illness plan is a health insurance policy designed to meet the expenses of life threatening critical ailments. It pays you a guaranteed amount if you are unexpectedly diagnosed with a critical ailment. With a critical insurance plan you get yourself insured against serious illness such as a stroke, cancer, heart attacks, kidney failures or bypass surgery. The list of critical ailments varies from insurer to insurer.