Almost every one of us possesses a portfolio of investments, a result of either rational planning or haphazard decisions. Planning and management of finances is vital to our economic well being. What is Money Management? Money Management is the process of managing your money, investments, assets and taxes. It is an important aspect in daily … Continue reading PLANNING YOUR FINANCES EFFECTIVELY


What is Personal Accident Cover?

An accident could occur anytime anywhere unexpectedly. At work, home, travel or the road, it almost renders us helpless with its grave consequences. The trauma of having met with an accident is almost always coupled with financial losses; of getting treatment, or coping with a loss of income, if any. Does insurance have a solution … Continue reading What is Personal Accident Cover?

Have You Assessed Your Risk Profile?

Almost all investments that you make are borne with a certain degree of risk. Where some may seem highly risky, in a few others, the risk may be minimal or negligible to you. By the term risk here in investments we are talking about the variability of the rate of return. It is a possibility of your money increasing or decreasing in value from your expectations. The level of risk you are willing to bear determines your specific risk profile.

Guide to Choosing a Life Insurance Policy

In today’s world of uncertainties, a life insurance policy is an absolute necessity. It provides the much needed financial security in times of any unforeseen event such as death of the bread winner. It supports the family in the need of the hour. Today, life insurance policies have evolved into a variety of forms. From pure term plans, to investment linked protection plans, the options available are plenty.