Smart Tax Saving Tips for Working Couples

We are months away from the financial year end, and most of us would by now have started this year’s tax planning. For a working couple, an efficient tax plan could be achieved, by jointly making use of, their dual income to invest, and the income tax rules to their advantage. Here are five smart … Continue reading Smart Tax Saving Tips for Working Couples


Mutual Fund Dividend Options Versus Growth Option- Which one is better?

The most common dilemma faced by many mutual fund investors is choosing between the growth, dividend payout and dividend reinvestment option. Distinctly different in nature, all the three options come with an earning potential. Deciding on which one to choose greatly depends on your individual financial needs. Here is a brief on the factors that govern … Continue reading Mutual Fund Dividend Options Versus Growth Option- Which one is better?

Pre-EMI for Under Construction Properties

When buying an under construction home, developers often seek payment on the basis of the stages of construction completed. Catering to such requirements, Home Finance Companies (HFC), facilitate partial disbursements of the sanctioned loan periodically, in tune with the developers demands. For these partial loan disbursements, a borrower would be required to pay what is … Continue reading Pre-EMI for Under Construction Properties

All That You Need To Know About Leave Travel Allowance

Leave Travel Allowance (or LTA in short) is an allowance granted by employers to meet the employees travel expenses during the year. So if you are the kinds who often go on holidays with family, it pays to use your LTA and avail of the various tax exemptions associated.  What does the LTA entail and … Continue reading All That You Need To Know About Leave Travel Allowance

The Tax Advantage of Insurance

Its tax saving season and almost everybody is thinking of reducing their tax burden by cramming in last minute investments. Cashing in on this scenario are financial companies making a splash with a plethora of tax saving products such as Infrastructure Bonds, ULIPs, and ELSS etc…  At this point in time, we thought it right … Continue reading The Tax Advantage of Insurance

Investing the Mutual Fund Way

A mutual fund is a flexible and transparent investment vehicle with advantages like diversification and liquidity. With a small amount of money, investors can enter the equity market, through mutual funds. The funds invest in diversified securities, reducing the risk in an investor portfolio. Professionally managed mutual funds use expert research and investment analysis in their decisions thus helping investors, who lack the time and experience, to generate profit for their portfolio.